Wednesday, April 10, 2024

I Encourage You To Read Paul Craig Roberts' Articles

I have several dozen people whom I admire and I follow their writings to get their opinion, just as my blog visitors value my opinion. THANK YOU by the way, because without your interest I wouldn't have a ministry. I don't take that for granted.

One of my favorite people is Paul Craig Roberts.

Welcome to Here are some of his recent intriguing articles...
  1. Beware of Fake Conservative Websites (12/29/2023)
  2. Storm Dec 16-18 could prevent posting to the website (12/16/2023)
  3. A new mailing address is provided on the donate page of the website for donations via check. (12/2/2023)
  5. Recently Published ArticlesPutin’s Road to Armageddon (4/5/2024)
  6. A New Russia Has Emerged (4/3/2024)
  7. How Private Interests Seized Control of America (4/1/2024)
  8. The Termination of Christian Celebration (3/31/2024)
  9. The New York City Council No Longer Differentiates Between Illegal Aliens and US Citizens (3/29/2024)
  10. The Russian Federal Security Service Identifies US as a Suspect in Crocus Attack (3/28/2024)
  11. Washington Crossed a Fatal Red Line with the Crocus Attack (3/27/2024)
  12. The Most Astounding Feature of the Assange Case (3/27/2024)
  13. The US and Europe Have Given Their Countries to Immigrant-invaders (3/25/2024)
  14. A Tower of Babel Is a Country Without a Language (3/25/2024)
  15. Dmitry Trenin Belatedly Realizes that Putin Has Not Been Sufficiently Proactive to Prevent Nuclear War (3/24/2024)
  16. DEI Is White Genocide (3/22/2024)
  17. EMPIRE OF LIES (3/21/2024)
  18. Whatever Happened to Conservatives? (3/21/2024)
  19. Washington Post Calls on VP Kamala Harris to Step Down (3/20/2024)
  20. Thank you for your support (3/19/2024)
I hope you will take some time to visit Paul Craig Robert's website and read some of his wisdom. Elderly people are walking encyclopedias of knowledge and wisdom. One of the great tragedies of today's young generation is that they do not value the opinions of the aged.

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