Thursday, August 4, 2022

There Is No Love At Pensacola Christian College And Their Horrible Campus Church

1st John 3:17, “But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?”

Pastor Jeff Redlin has no honor. I mailed two separate letters (one to Jeff Redlin on June17th, 2022 and the other to all the pastors of Campus Church on July 21st, 2022), and one email to Pastor Redlin on August 2nd, 2022, and a separate letter to PCC on July 21st, 2022, pleading with them all for forgiveness, so that I could come back to Campus Church. I offered to do whatever is necessary to come back to Campus Church, and Jeff Redlin knew it. But he waited SIX WEEKS to write me back, and I didn't understand why. So I finally had had enough and I lashed out against them on August 2nd, 2022 on my website ministry. It is obvious to me now that Redlin was hoping I'd do just that, grow tired of waiting, so that he'd have the excuse he wanted to permanently get rid of me. Jeff Redlin has no humility or love!

Even though I offered to do whatever they require to make peace, Redlin sinfully manipulated my words, claiming that they were waiting for me to remove my harsh comments against the from social media. But I had plainly told the pastors of Campus Church (and PCC) that I FIRST wanted to know if I could come back to Campus Church, which they refused to do. THE TRUTH is that neither Jeff Redlin or Timothy Zachariah wanted me to come back to church. They ignored my promise to do whatever they required to make peace. They were just looking for any excuse they could find to ban me from attending church, even though it was so obvious that as a hurting and tired man, I simply wanted their love and a second chance to attend church. I didn't ask to work on staff or enroll in PCC, I just wanted to attend church. What kind of ungodly pastors refuse to let someone even sit in church? Ungodly men!

Pastor Redlin further twisted my words around, saying that even though they refused to allow me to come back to Campus Church, they hoped that I would keep my promise to remove my comments from social media. But I never promised to remove my comments from social media, unless they first agreed to let me come back to church. Why should I spend months removing comments from social media, hurting my ranking in Google search engine for missing webpages, just to find out that PCC still refuses to forgive me? So, no, I'm not removing anything, since they are filled with hatred and refuse to give me a second chance to attend church. That is not Bible Christianity.

Although Jeff Redlin has cruelly referred to my online preaching as “consequential,” I have no regrets for telling THE TRUTH. I exposed Jeff Redlin and company for wickedly bidding Godspeed to the hellbound Bob Jones University (BJU) camp and their damnable heresies of Lordship Salvation, and wrong repentance (aka, turn away from sinful behavior to get to Heaven garbage theology). RIGHT DOCTRINE MATTERS!!!

I also told the world online about Pastor Jeff Redlin's abusive nature. The guy has a small heart, but gets paid a big salary. When I first met Pastor Redlin at the 4th of July picnic in 2021 at Campus Church, I told him that I had just arrived from the island of Guam 36 hour earlier, but was sleeping in Walmart's parking lot. He just cold-heartedly walked away from me. I was hurt that the senior pastor of Campus Church, having tons of resources at his disposal, would rather just leave his Christian brother sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. 1st John 3:17, “But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

And then a couple days later I emailed Jeff Redlin to introduce myself, explaining my painful divorce 15 years earlier in 2006, when my former wife abandoned me. I spent 5 hours composing me email, wanting to make sure it was exactly what I meant to say, and respectfully written. I couldn't have been more kind, loving and respectful. Toi my horror, Redlin replied by scolding me for mentioning that I hoped to find a wife at Campus Church. I realized at this moment that I was dealing with a small-minded religious man, who is self-righteous and woefully lacks God's compassion for hurting people.

That is so tragic, that PCC would subject its thousands of students to such a shallow, religious and strictly academic type person, who lacks God's compassion for people. This seems to be the norm in the PCC camp—a lot of formal religion, snobby culture and restrictive rules (the letter of the law); but there is little love and the Holy Spirit of God. I was abused by Jeff Redlin, and the abuse continues in 2022. He refuses to make peace with me. That is so sinful and wrong. It is really evil. By the way, I am still wanting to make peace with the PCC camp, anytime Pastor Redlin decides to grow up and communicate with me like two adults. All I am asking in return is to be able to attend Campus Church. PCC refuses to do it. What does that say? No doubt Jeff Redlin will make a bunch of lame excuses, which is his pattern. But I will do WHATEVER IS REQUIRED by PCC to make peace with them, but they won't meet me half way to give me the opportunity. PCC doesn't care about making peace, they just want more money. I know that greatly offends PCC, but their refusal to allow me to attend Campus Church proves that it is tragically the truth.

Just as all wicked people do, Jeff Redlin selectively read my letters, only seeing what he chose to see, trying to manipulate my words in an attempt to blame me for his wicked refusal to help a hurting Christian brother. Jeff Redlin is not a nice man. My offer still stands PCC camp. I PROMISE to remove all my comments from social media, and never put them back again, BUT ONLY IF Pastor Jeff Redlin wants to make peace with me as well, so that I can once again attend Campus Church. The sad truth is that Redlin is a manipulative liar, who secretly in his black heart harbors hatred against me, which is tragic. He'll falsely accuse me of not removing my harsh remarks from social media, but I asked him if I could please come back to Campus Church, which he refused to answer for SIX WEEKS, until he finally said no way.

I admirably took the initiative to contact Jeff Redlin, Campus Church and PCC, offering to reconcile with them. No one in the PCC camp ever took the initiative to make peace with me. That's because no one gives a damn over there at PCC. There is no love or desire to reconcile with their enemies. Anybody would get upset after being totally ignored for 6 weeks!!! What is wrong with Jeff Redlin? I am not good at playing Redlin's mind games. It shouldn't be a chess game when someone begs for forgiveness so they can come back to church. I was waiting for Pastor Redlin to meet me halfway, expressing his desire to also make peace with me, but he stubbornly refused to do so.

Pastor Redlin wanted me to crawl on my hands and knees like a dog, jumping through his hoops and totally submitting myself as his slave, but I am not for sale folks! All he needed to do with communicate with me like a reasonable adult, which he refused to do for six long weeks! Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias behave as two children, who are too immature to meet with people. I offered to come down to Campus Church, so we could sit down and have a meeting, but they refused. It wasn't until I had finally had enough of their evasive behavior for 6 weeks, that I finally lashed out against those pastors and PCC on social media.

Then at that point, Jeff Redlin he told me that I couldn't attend Campus Church ever again. That is the typical abusive nature and hatred which permeates from the PCC camp. They push people!!! They do everything in their power to control, upset and ostracize people; and then when those people react unfavorably, PCC blames and kicks them out of their religious cult! God sees the evil that the pastors of Campus Church did to me, and the Lord will deal with them. It couldn't be more obvious that I was fully willing (and wanted) to make peace with the PCC camp (and my offer to make peace still stands). But I won't be bullied by two thug pastors!!!

Unlike Pastor Jeff Redlin (who in his last email to me on August 2nd, 2022 said that because of my “consequential remarks online I am banned from Campus Church), my last email to him afterwards was filled with love, apologies and still humbly begging to come back to Campus Church). Redlin refuses to reply, as usual. Who wants to make peace in this dispute? I do. Who is the only one making an effort to reconcile? I am. So what is wrong with Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias, who hide as cowards in their church office? I will gladly meet with them anywhere, anytime, so we can talk this out and reconcile. They won't do it.

Dear reader, whoever you may be friend, there is no love at Pensacola Christian College. Oh yes, there is emotionally provoking singing. Oh yes, there is snobby culture, with their elaborate orchestra and opera type singers. Oh yes, there is a big fancy building. But there is no genuine love for hurting divorced people like me. Pastor Redlin berated me as a divorced person. Right in front of his lovely wife, he embarrassed me, telling me that even if I did find a wife he refused to perform the wedding. What a horrible thing to say to a hurting and lonely divorced man.

This is why Jeff Redlin won't allow me to come back to Campus Church, because I grabbed him by the short-hairs, when I told the world on social media what he did to mistreat me as a human being. It was bad enough that he just walked away, after I told him that I was sleeping homeless in Walmart's parking lot. But then he cruelly scolded me for mentioning that I hoped to find a wife at Campus Church. In lieu of all the several dozens things I mentioned in my first heartfelt email to him, trying to become his sincere friend, Redlin shamefully chose to focus on my comment that I was lonely for 15 years and hoped to find a Christian woman to marry at church. What a hateful pastor!

And then he adds salt to the wound by embarrassing me in front of his wife on a Sunday morning. Tyranny is rarely seen by those who are not oppressed by it. Jeff Redlin has most people fooled, pretending to be some humble man that actually cares, but it is a masquerade. In reality, Jeff Redlin is an insecure little man who is a coward, full of resentment and hatred for anyone (like me) who dares to call him out and criticize him. As the senior pastor of PCC, Redlin gets paid well over $100,000 per year. Campus Church took in $3,500,000 just in 2020, finishing the year 2020-2021 with $1,200,000 left in the bank. Their exorbitantly high salaries are sickening!

PCC is infamous for discarding unwanted students and people in their Campus Church. That is not Bible Christianity. You either love everyone or you love no one! Jeff Redlin despises me. The great loving heart of our God is not present in the PCC camp. While I attended Campus Church, I did not discern God's Spirit in that place; but rather, the haughty spirit of man. PCC is guilty of merely going through the external motions of playing church, but there is no compassion for hurting people like me.

Like sicko Hollywood, PCC likes to fall all over themselves with awards, praising each other, but there is no love. I cannot help that I am divorced. My former wife left me and refused to reconcile in 2006. I have reluctantly lived alone since, depressed and suffering with inexplicable pain of soul. Yet, insensitive Pharisees like Jeff Redlin just expect lonely people like me to pray about it and be single for the rest of my life, while he gets to go home and enjoy his wife every night. Does that even sound reasonable, at all? Kindly said, the PCC camp are out of touch with reality. PCC attracts mostly married couples, since they are hard on divorced people, making them feel inferior, bad about themselves and unwanted at Campus Church. They do have some formerly divorced people who are now married at PCC, but if you are divorced like me, single, and hoping to remarry, they will shun you!!!

THE TRUTH is that Pastor Jeff Redlin, and his accomplice Tim Zacharias, were looking for any reason that they could find to prevent me from returning to Campus Church. Even though I poured out my heart to Pastor Redlin in a letter mailed to him on June 17th, 2022, he totally ignored me! If he had God's love, after reading such a humble letter, he would have taken the initiative to reply right away, to encourage me, since I was trying to do the right thing. And then in frustration one month later, after still not hearing back from anyone, I wrote a second letter on July 21st, 2022. I mailed two copies, one to the dear pastors of Campus Church, and the second to Pensacola Christian College. I again poured out my heart and apologized to everyone, but they all completely ignored me! Who wouldn't be hurt and get upset at this point?

So on August 2nd I lashed out on social media against Campus Church and PCC, rightly accusing them of refusing to forgive me so that I could come back to church. In his typical cold-hearted and deceitful fashion, Pastor Redlin blamed me, accusing me of not removing my criticisms from social media as I had promised. But I never promised to do anything until I heard back from him, wanting to know if he agreed to let me come back to church. The reason why I didn't remove my criticisms is because I still stand behind them 100%. Jeff Redlin falsely accused me in July of 2021 of “finding weaknesses in preachers with my website ministry. He slanders my life's work and has nothing good to say about it?

Something that I really loath about some bad pastors, is that they are selective in who they care about, and who they don't. If there was ever someone that Christ had a legitimate reason to hate and despise, it was Judas who betrayed Him to be crucified on a cross. But what did Jesus call Judas, “Friend.” Dear reader, you don't get to pick and choose who you love. You either love everyone, even the most annoying and rotten human being on earth, or else you don't really love anybody, even though you may pretend to do so. The one great thing that I see missing in churches and pastors today is God's unconditional love for hurting people.

In my last email to Pastor Redlin, I kindly explained that my rantings against him on social media were really just a hurting and broken man, reaching out to be loved. And yet, he refuses to have anything to do with me. That is so wicked and wrong!!! I will continue to pray for Jeff Redlin, that God will convict his wicked and cold heart, so that at some point he will begin to truly love people. Only God can take a man and BREAK HIM, so that he will learn to love. Redlin said on August 2nd, 2022 to me, that remarks on social media were “consequential,” so that they won't permit me to attend Campus Church anymore. Folks, that is unforgiveness! That is carnal hatred of others. That is a refusal to forgive. You cannot merely tell someone that you forgive them, but then deny them permission to come to church to sing and fellowship with other believers. Sadly, something is very wrong with Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias. They are shallow-minded men who lack God's love and understanding.

There is no love at Pensacola Christian College.

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