Sunday, October 4, 2020

Why I Hate Parler And Don't Recommend It To Anyone

I signed up for the new popular free speech website called “ today. I regret wasting my time! Parler is not user friendly at all. From the half a day I have spent in frustration trying to make some simple posts, I am convinced that Parler is nothing more than a mouthpiece for President Donald Trump and the Republican party, leading into the 2021 election. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Trump himself secretly funded the website, but I don't know. What I do know is that is SO MUCH BETTER! Here's my address

What I don't like about is that they don't allow you to delete a “repost.” So if you repost someone else's article, but then change your mind, you cannot remove it. Also, Gab incessantly begs for money from its users, claiming that they need your money. This ruins the experience, creating an Alex Jones' like atmosphere of greed.

I have tried all afternoon to make a workable hyperlink in my Parler account, to no avail. If I upload a .JPG image, and type out a title for the post, and a hyperlink to one of my own website articles, the title and photo appear, but nothing links to my website! So I can only upload photos and comments, but cannot link to any of my own website articles to share! That is the main reason I signed up for Parler! When I link to Dr. Ron Paul's website, it works fine. But when I link to my own ministry websites at and, nothing works! What's with that? Parler won't allow me make a working hyperlink, even without an image. it is just bad software! I did a Google search to confirm my suspicions and found this:

“Their technical wherewithal is atrocious, Parler hardly works, it’s a website and application that would fit right in, in about 2006. It’s really bad,” Wohl stated.


I fully agree, Parler is REALLY BAD! Nothing hardly works! is great in comparison. I am NOT impressed one little bit. I was 100% impressed with in the first 10 minutes, but after 24 hours of Parler I have already stopped linking and promoting their website, because I HATE IT! Parler is very confusing to someone new. It took me a couple hours just to figure out what my Parler address was, because they have no helpful information for new users (and I'm still not sure if it is right). If they do I sure couldn't find it! 

I contacted Parler's support department with a detailed explanation of the problem, and I received this one sentence back, and I quote: “Not all thumnails are compatible” (typo theirs). I have no idea what that statement even means. So I wrote them back three more emails over 24 hours, eagerly awaiting their response, but they have completely ignored me. After reading the preceding quote at Wikipedia about how Parler's software hardly works, their lack of response to my friendly inquiries confirms the allegation. Parler's software is cheap, defective and has bugs in it! I kindly wrote them one final time and recommended that they hire someone to fix their broken software, unless they want to lose a bunch of followers. allows you to edit posts, which I really like. Parler doesn't let you edit anything, only delete it and start over. That is really bad! worked exactly as I hoped and more, and within 10 minutes after signing up I was off and running! So what is it with Parler? It is awful. I would say it is even worse than Facebook, but that wouldn't be true. Facebook is horrible too! 

My Facebook Rant!

I have finally learned enough about how to navigate through Facebook to do what I need it to do, but it took me 3 months. Here's some things I hate about Facebook:

  • On your Timeline page they won't allow you to pin any certain post, you have to create a whole new facebook webpage.
  • You have no control over the friends in the 9 boxes in the left column on my Timeline. Facebook decides for you! I should be able to choose "my" friends.
  • Facebook doesn't allow me at times to delete user comments, only hide them. I hate just hiding them, because they are only hidden from me and my friends; but the user's unwanted comments (even after I hide them) will still be visible to the person who made the comments, and be visible to all their friends as well.
  • Facebook bans any information that contradicts the government's official COVID-19 story, which is an obvious blatant hoax!
  • Facebook has banned my website without explanation. I have contacted them twice, kindly requesting what content I need to remove to have it freed up, but they just keep ignoring me. Facebook treats people like garbage!
What is wrong with Facebook? 

Maybe someone has had better luck than I have with Parler, but I haven't. So I will be using instead of Parler, which works great and is extremely user friendly. I think it is shameful that Parler leaves their new users fending for themselves, instead of providing helpful information. Anyway, God willing I plan to leave my Parler account open, in case they fix things, or I might just I abandon it completely! For now I don't plan on posting any new articles, since the hyperlinks don't work. Thank you for reading.

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