Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Think For Yourself, Your Friends May Be Wrong

Proverbs 1:10, “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

I was watching the "Scary Interesting" YouTube channel yesterday. A teenager girl in England had just turned 18 and it was her birthday. So her idiot girlfriends took her to a fancy nightclub bar and wanted her first alcoholic drink to be something special. So they ordered some concoction that uses liquid nitrogen, which produces a fog effect in the glass.

The incompetent waiter who made the drink poured liquid nitrogen into her glass and she drank it. Evidently he didn't know what he was doing and didn't warn her to wait until the fog stopped. The nitrogen didn't have enough time to finish evaporating and she drank the liquid. Nitrogen has a boiling point of -195.8 Fahrenheit. Liquid nitrogen is so cold that if you dipped your hand into a container of it, your hand would instantly freeze and crack off at your wrist. During World War II Japanese mad scientists tortured tens of thousands of Chinese captives. Those cruel experiments were carried out in the "Unit 731" torture labs. Those scientists froze people's body parts and then hammered their arms and legs into pieces, seeing what the results would be.

I thank God that I didn't have to live through a World War. I remember Pastor Jack Hyles saying that Americans lived in fear back then in the 1940's, wondering if planes would fly over and bomb their homes. Then Americans worried during The Cold War about the real threat of nuclear war. Public schools regularly practiced emergency drills in case the United States was attacked. We used to go down into the basement of the school during drills, preparing for the worst if that day ever came. We are very blessed to live in a free country. Many youth today are spoiled entitled brats. They don't realize, care or appreciate the blood that millions of soldiers sacrificed on foreign battlefields to protect our freedoms. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!! We must fight to keep it.

In this horrifying documentary you will see what can happen when people lose their freedom. Japan invaded China and murdered 20,000,000 people during World War II. Tens of thousands of Chinese were taken prisoner and cruelly experimented on in their secret Unit 731 torture labs. People had their body parts dipped into liquid nitrogen (which has a boiling point of -195.8 Fahrenheit). Monstrous scientists then took hammers and broke off those body parts, which cracked like glass. Humans without Jesus Christ can become monsters!!!

Anyway, getting back to the girl who drank the liquid nitrogen, it was so cold that it burned a hole in her stomach and her friends rushed her to the hospital. But in the emergency room the surgeons were horrified to see that her entire stomach was destroyed and they had to removed it completely. She will never be able to feel hungry again. She cannot eat a cheeseburger, pizza or any solid food ever again, because she has no stomach acids to dissolve food. She can only drink liquified pulp to sustain her life (basically baby food), and she has to force herself to eat several times per day. She has a tube from her mouth to her backside, all because some irresponsible waiter didn't know what he was doing. People can be very dangerous!

How much more should we all be leery of incompetent pastors who mislead lost sinners about how to go to Heaven. Dear reader, a counterfeit plan of salvation cannot produce the new birth that is required to enter into God's Kingdom. Jesus warned in John 3:3, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. I don't want this to happen to you friend. Please read a simple Gospel presentation by military chaplain David Rutkin.

But in case you don't feel like reading it, I'll lay out God's plan of salvation super simple for you. You are a guilty sinner in God's sight, and so am. Everyone is a guilty sinner (Romans 3:10-23). There is a penalty for our sinning, which is to burn in the fires of Hell forever (Revelation 20:11-15; Romans 6:23). The Good News (which is what the word “Gospel” means) is comprised of three things:
  1. Jesus DIED on a cross to pay for our sins.
  2. Jesus was BURIED.
  3. Three days later Jesus bodily RESURRECTED from the dead.
You can confirm this Bible truth by reading 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Romans 1:16 promises that anyone who BELIEVES the Gospel is saved. Simply come to God by faith as a guilty sinner, and receive Christ's sacrifice on the cross as full payment for your sins, believing that He was buried but then raised up from the dead the third day. That's it my friend! Just BELIEVE that Jesus did it all for you. Nothing more is required.

Anyone who tells you that more than faith is required to get to Heaven is offering you liquid nitrogen to drink! I am warning you about Bob Jones University! Faith is the only righteous thing that I can do to get to Heaven. JESUS PAID IT ALL!!! My trust is in Christ alone.

Any incompetent preacher who says that you must turn from your sinful bad habits to be saved is handing you a glass of spiritual liquid nitrogen to damn you to Hell forever. I am warning you about Pensacola Christian College!

We've got a bunch of incompetent pastors today who are Bible ignoramuses, who have bought into the manmade lie that repentance means to forsake a lifestyle of sinning. No one has ever forsaken a lifestyle of sinning! Even the best Christians still sin all the time. Whether in thought or deed, we sin every day of our lives. Even when we fail to pray as we ought we are sinning (1st Samuel 12:23). The Bible says if we say we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar (1st John 1:10). No one has ever repented of their sins!!! You had better repent of your unbelief and trust in Jesus Christ before it is too late to be saved. Thank you for reading my blog. God bless.

The tragic true story that I have shared with you about the young girl who lost her stomach and almost died, reminds me of all the rotten corrupt preachers today (e.g., like Chuck Phelps, Ray Comfort, John MacArthur, Marty Herron and Jeff Redlin), who people trust to feed them, not realizing that they are consuming deadly poison. They are drinking liquid Devil. Sadly, the victims of their false gospel will never see the emergency room, they'll end up in the spiritual morgue of eternal damnation in Hell. Beware of lying preachers!

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