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Abuse At Pensacola Christian College

Matthew 15:7-9, “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

Romans 14:10, “
But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

1st Corinthians 13:1-3, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”

I have studied the cults for the past 21 years, since I started my online website ministry in 2002. One of the common things that I have seen in cults is that the reject, shun and ostracize people they don't want, like or accept. This particularly includes anyone who dares to question the cult's leaders.

Sadly, Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is a cult. As of August 2, 2022 I have been forbidden in writing from attending PCC's Campus Church. What was my great offense? I dared to criticize their leaders (the gods). It didn't matter that I humbly apologized multiple times in June and July of 2022 to the pastor of Campus Church, and PCC leaders also. They refused to allow me to just attend Campus Church. Only a rotten cult does that to people!
“The pastors have destroyed the churches, and they've been trained by people that have never built churches, and they have no compassion.” —Pastor Jack Hyles, “Many Pastors Have Destroyed My Vineyard
Jeff Redlin is the shameful senior pastor of Campus Church, and he hates my guts. Real great Christian, huh? Redlin refuses to let me come back to Campus Church. PCC pays Redlin well over $100,000 a year. I am so sick of incompetent pastors who get paid outrageous 6-digit salaries (4 to 5 times more than the average American worker earns in a year). I am so sick and tired of these ungodly fake pastors, who are so hateful that they won't even allow a broken apologetic man like me to attend church again. There is no love, no mercy, no second chances and no forgiveness in the PCC cult. Please watch this 21:52 hour long video that I made in 2022, exposing the dangerous religious cult at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. ....
Pensacola Christian College Cult Exposed!

Another thing that I have learned during my decades of online ministry is that anything can be justified. PCC's leaders have their own unbiblical book that they live by, shunning and rejected people whom they don't like or want. That is called being a sinful “respecter of persons, which the Bible forbids. James 2:1, “My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.” PCC are ungodly respecter of persons, which is why they won't allow me to come back to church. That is so wicked!!!

PCC and Campus Church are a hateful cult. Those who are accepted in the cult are protected by the cult, just so long as they give their absolute loyalty to cult leadership. The moment that you stop serving, idolizing and selling your soul to cult leadership, they excommunicate you. Ask Samantha Field. Ask Allen Armentrout. Please read all these negative comments from former victims of the PCC cult.

PCC's list of victims of abuse continues to grow! I am a victim of PCC's abuse. I was deeply hurt when I first decided to attend Campus Church in July of 2021. I first attended PCC on the 4th of July at their annual church picnic. I first met Pastor Jeff Redlin that day. I kindly told him that I had just arrived from the island of Guam 36 hours earlier, and was homeless sleeping in Walmart's parking lot, due to being defrauded by the Woodspring Suites Hotel in Pensacola. When United Airlines plane on Guam was delayed due to an idiot light staying lit on the flight console, I missed my connecting flight in Honolulu and was delayed by 17 hours.

I responsibly contacted the Woodspring Suites Hotel ahead of time (since Guam is 15 hours ahead of Pensacola's time zone), to let them know that I was still coming. I told them that they could bill me upfront on my credit card for my entire 30-day confirmed reservation for $55 per night. But those wicked greedy evildoers cancelled my entire stay, to they could charge people a few hundred dollars per night over the 4th of July weekend instead. God will hold them accountable for defrauding me, and forcing me to sleep in a parking lot!

Sadly, when I kindly informed Pastor Redlin, he couldn't have cared less and just cold-heartedly walked away. I saw the startled look on his face when I told him my difficult situation. That was my first impression of Jeff Redlin—a shameful little uncaring coward who walks away from people in need. Despite Redlin's golden opportunity to befriend a brother in dire need, I let the matter go. I was so happy to be at the great Pensacola Christian College (PCC), which I had heard about all my life.

Sadly, in the months to follow I would learn that my initial negative impressions of Pastor Jeff Redlin were not only all true, but woefully lacking in just how horrible this man really is. I had taken a few hours to compose my first email to Pastor Redlin in July of 2021, carefully articulating every word to be careful to show the utmost respect, propriety and to convey what I intended to communicate to him. In that correspondence, I kindly confided in Pastor Redlin that I have suffered from an old neck injury since 2004. I also mentioned that my former wife abandoned and divorced me in 2006. I shared my battle with depression and loneliness, and my adverse sufferings due to constant neck pain. I couldn't have been more loving and kind. 

To my horror, Redlin replied with a rude and harsh demeanor, patronizing me as a divorced person. He foolishly took the liberty to actually scold me (a 54 year old grandfather) for briefly mentioning that I hoped to find a wife at Campus Church, since they had such a large church family. Redlin wrongly accused me of only coming to Campus Church to find a wife. I was in dismay. I couldn't believe that the senior pastor of PCC was such a mean person, insensitive and trampling upon my feelings as a hurting human being. I mean, I had seen this type of verbal abuse in independent fundamental Baptist institutions before, but now I was experiencing it first hand at PCC.

My mistake was that I came to PCC holding their leaders in the highest regards, thinking that they would be spiritually mature. In sharp contrast, I sadly learned that PCC's leaders and pastors are overpaid spoiled brats, immature, selfish, carnally-minded and woefully lacking of any genuine love or compassion for individual people. Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001) was so right—PCC are academic types, not church builders, so they woefully lack compassion.

Something is very wrong today with the pervasive bad attitudes among independent Baptists (which PCC is considered to be a part of) in America. There is an unchristlike bad sprit of pride, arrogance and stiff-necked comradery, placing themselves as leaders in God's place, to sinfully play God with people's lives. The Bible teaches in Philippians 2:4, “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” You are not right with God unless you esteem others as being BETTER than yourself!!!

That is verbatim what we just read in the inspired King James Bible. If PCC leaders obeyed this Bible verse, then they would humbly contact me with an offer to reconcile and make peace. God knows that I would humbly thank them for contacting me, and I would do my best to reconcile and lay down my keyboard to stop preaching against them. There is something wrong with a group of religious people, professed born-again Christians, who have no desire to seek peace with their enemies (especially a fellow saint).

Why doesn't PCC care? Why won't they meet me half way? I'll tell you why—it is because PCC has so much money and so many supporters, that they have nothing to gain by making peace with their enemies. That is a sad and tragic commentary on the woeful lack of walk with God that PCC's pastors and leaders don't have. They don't walk with God. I doubt if pastors' Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias ever get down on their knees to pray. I doubt if either of them ever pray for me. It is clear that all they care about is their undeserved paychecks!!!

Tragically, PCC has deteriorated into a mere student assembly line. Next! PCC takes in tens of millions of dollars, having more money than they know what to do with. In 2018 I attended the Lighthouse Baptist Church on Guam. A PCC intern named Sean Quinlan was the temporary wannabe pastor at the time. I attended the church for about a year. Sadly, Sean Quinlan is not a competent pastor! I asked him if he believed that Jesus' blood was applied to the Mercy Seat in Heaven. He didn't know!!! Quinlan actually admitted to me in a personal conversation, as I was explaining to him what is wrong with the Devil's modern Bible revisions, that he couldn't even show me one problem with the new Bibles. I had heard him warn his church congregation (about 50 people) in a sermon months earlier, that there are problems with the modern Bibles, so be careful to avoid them. Yet, he admitted to me personally that if his life depended on it, he couldn't show anyone what any of those problems are. That is sad!

To show what a hypocrite the PCC camp are, and Pastor Redlin, let me tell you a story. One Wednesday night after Bible study, I was sitting outside the front of Lighthouse Baptist Church. The front entrance of the church exited to the parking lot. There were some benches to sit on outside the church entrance. So I was sitting there, sharing something with a fellow Christian brother than I had learned from Luke 16:19-31 about the rich man and Lazarus. Pastor Quinlan got angry, wrongly accusing me of trying to usurp authority in his church. The guy freaked out! The PCC cult are weird people. PCC has adopted a heresy that pastors have authority over people, but they don't. Even hellbound heretic Dr. John MacArthur gets it 100% correct that pastors have NO AUTHORITY. The inspired Holy Bible is the only authority in any church.

Anyway, long story short, Pastor Quinlan wrongly accused me of being “Obsessed over the Bible issue.” I took that as a badge of honor and a compliment! Yes Sir, you had better believe that I am "obsessed over the Bible issue"!!! I am obsessed over God's inspired Word. Do you know who else was obsessed over the Bible? David. Psalms 119:139-140, “My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words. Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it. King David was consumed (obsessed) about the Word of God. David was upset that his enemies had rejected the Bible. David, if he were alive today in 2023, would have hated and been consumed with anger against evildoers who change, corrupt, tamper, pervert and altar the inspired Word of God. Dear reader, if you don't have a King James Bible, you don't have a Holy Bible.

I did the right thing to take a stand at Lighthouse Baptist Church on Guam. Since Pastor Quinlan rebuked me in front of his church members, I rebuked him back in front of them, telling him that he ought to be ashamed of himself, for scolding me for being zealous to expose corrupt Bible revisions. What set him off in anger was when I said to my Christian friend (to whom I was speaking and not Quinlan), quote: “Bob Jones University (BJU) sells corruptible seed.” That one truthful statement pissed off Pastor Quinlan. The reason why may not be obvious to you dear friend, but it is obvious as the sun at noon on a clear day to me. That reason is simply because PCC is in bed with BJU!

God knows that I have nothing personal against Sean Quinlan, but he has no business being a church pastor! No man should be a pastor, entrusted to feed God's flock, who doesn't even know one thing wrong with today's hundreds of corrupt Bible revisions. I could spend hours showing you what is wrong with today's Bibles. I am tired of being made to be the BAD GUY for telling the truth, for exposing the Devil's Bible versions, for preaching against BAD PREACHERS!

When I attended Campus Church in July of 2021, Pastor Redlin wickedly made a false allegation against me and my ministry, accusing me of “finding weaknesses in preachers.” Redlin is a liar!!! In fact, as a faithful Bible preacher I expose wickedness in preachers! God knows that I don't try to find weaknesses in preachers. What saith the Scripture? ...
Titus 1:13-14, “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”
The inspired Holy Bible commands preachers to REBUKE THEM SHARPLY that corrupt God's plan of salvation. Whether it be the slow-bellied lazy Cretians, or the pot-bellied Bob Jones University (BJU) cult, false prophets must be exposed. By God's grace, that is exactly what I faithfully did, beginning in 2014 when I attended the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, and saw how messed up they were doctrinally. I heard the Devil's Lordship Salvation being preached from Harvest's church pulpit.

I saw dozens of different corrupt Bible revisions being used in the church. Dr. John MacArthur, a child of the Devil, was being promoted at Harvest. Martin Luther (1883-1546) was being promoted as a born-again Christian, when in reality he taught Sacramental Salvation his entire life. The Devil's wrong meaning of repentance was being taught at Harvest, which insists that a lost sinner stop living a lifestyle of sinning to get to Heaven. Sadly, Harvest Baptist Church on Guam is just as messed up today in 2023, as they have been for the past 25 years. Their new pastor, Gary Walton, is another ungodly neo-evangelical, just like pastor Marty Herron before him. God's judgment is upon these infidels, who preach another gospel.

RIGHT DOCTRINE MATTERS!!! Some wicked people wrongly accuse me of causing trouble everywhere I go, saying that I cannot get along with anybody, but they are very wrong! THE TRUTH is that heretics get mad at me for exposing them. They got mad at me at Pensacola Christian College's Campus Church, because they are in bed with the ungodly Bob Jones University cult. Since I expose BJU (Harvest Baptist Church is full of BJU graduates), PCC had a grudge against me before my plane even landed in Pensacola in July of 2021. PCC are wickedly pulling on the same rope as the Devil, by supporting the BJU camp.

BJU is so corrupt that in December of 2022 they invited and honored Calvinist evangelist, Paul Chapel. It is tragic that 99% of professed Christians today couldn't care less about Lordship Salvation, perverse Bible versions, and wrong repentance being promoted in Bible colleges and churches. I CARE!!! When I preach, very few professed Christians ever agree with my truthful preaching. Pensacola Christian College is a cult! They kick people out (like they horribly did me) and then refuse to forgive or allow me to return. That is a cult!

It didn't matter to PCC's leaders and pastors that I sincerely apologized and offered to do whatever they require to reconcile, they still cold-heartedly refused to make the peace. That just proves how arrogant, proudful and carnally-minded they are at PCC. Some people are sick of listening to me preach on this topic, but I will NEVER shut up! As long as I live in Pensacola, and I am not permitted to attend Campus Church, I will continue to SPEAK UP every opportunity that I get, to expose the hateful, uncaring and money-hungry religious cult at PCC. People just want to be loved. PCC drew first blood, like Sylvester Stallone said in the 1982 blockbuster movie Rambo. I just wanted to eat a spiritual meal at Campus Church, but their King Sh!t Cop pastor Jeff Redlin bullied me instead. I won't go easy! Like Rambo, it's a matter of principle. Redlin told me to go elsewhere to be fed spiritually. Hell no, I won't go!

It is abuse. I am not going to remain silent about abuse in today's fundamentalist Bible colleges and churches. Everybody should be welcomed in a Bible-believing New Testament local church. I feel sorry for the thousands of PCC students, who are being influenced to emulate such a pathetic unloving weakling for a pastor, who selectively cares about people, and woefully lacks God's love and compassion for individual hurting people (like me). All I wanted was to come back to church. It blows my mind how hateful PCC leadership is, not even willing to forgive and allow me to attend their Campus Church. What a horrible authoritarian abusive religious cult!

Perhaps some of my blog readers are wondering why I won't let this matter go. The answer is simple—it is because I care about individual people. What Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is doing to me could just as easily happen to you, or some other poor unfortunate soul. The inspired Holy Bible teaches that ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Everybody is important in God's economy. Sadly, at PCC and their Campus Church only SOME PEOPLE MATTER!!! It burns me up that PCC would turn anyone away from attending their Campus Church. It is wickedness!!! I will not tolerate it as a preacher. I will expose every false way. Not loving everybody is a gross sin. Most people won't listen or care, but some people WILL care and listen, particularly other abuse victims of PCC's authoritarian bullying. People are sick and tired of abuse in fundamentalist Baptist institutions and churches. PCC is at the top of the list of these organizations.

And so the saga continues. I am the hero, the Dark Knight who must become the villain to save Gotham city from ripping itself apart because of ungodly bad pastors, false prophets, greedy religious colleges, uncaring clergy and infidels in the pulpit today.

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