Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Pastor Jeff Redlin Gets Paid 6-Digit Salary To Care About The 99%; I Don't Make A Penny Caring About The 1%

Proverbs 21:13, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard."

It sickens me that our U.S. federal government gives trillions of dollars away to foreign countries, NASA and all type of programs, but they have no money to build houses for homeless people. The Iraqi War cost U.S. taxpayers $2,400,000,000,000!!! That's 2.4 trillion dollars! You can measure the health of any society by the way they treat the poor and homeless.

Every year the federal government gives 25 billion dollars to NASA. For that same amount of money, $50,000 tiny homes could be built for 500,000 homeless people. Housing alone won't solve homelessness, but community will. Love thy neighbour as thyself. That is the key to ending homelessness in the United States, and the world. If we simply loved our neighbour as our self, nobody would be poor and homeless. We have money for bombs, but not for beds. We have money for missiles, but not for medicine. Our U.S. federal government spends 6.6 trillion dollars every year for our national budget, and still yet our government is 30 trillion dollars in debt! There is PLENTY of money to end homelessness and poverty in America and the world, but greedy and wicked people prevent it from getting to the poor. Jesus said that the poor would always be with us.

In comparison, I was just thinking about how rotten Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is. I was thinking how PCC is guilty of the same sin as those greedy leaders of the nations who refuse to care about the poor to help them. There is plenty of opportunities at PCC for everybody to fit in and serve God, but just like the evil people who neglect the poor in the world, so also does PCC ignore the hurting 1% of people like me and Samantha Field, who desperately need their love and help. Proverbs 21:13, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard."

PCC hears my cry for reconciliation with them, as their Christian brother in need with a broken heart, but they have stopped their ears from hearing my cry. I humbly posted a request yesterday on PCC's Facebook page, asking to come back to Campus Church. Instead of hearing my cry and helping me, they blocked out my Facebook account. That is how evil PCC treats hurting people, they stop their ears at the cry of others. Pastor Jeff Redlin gets paid over $100,000 a year to care about the 99% of their people, but I get paid nothing to care about the 1% of Christ's lambs in need.

Pastor Jack Hyles is right, when he said you either love everybody, or else you love nobody. I love that our great God sees and cares about the 1% of people. PCC sinfully discards the 1%, stopping their ears at the cry of the 1% for love and help. At PCC, there are no second chances, no path of restoration, no compassion for the fallen. Truly, the love on money is the root of all evil. For money, PCC will help your child memorize Bible verses, but you must pay them upfront. This is NOT serving God, this is a predatory opportunistic business.

Proverbs 21:13, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard." 
The 1% of divorced, broken, grieving, expelled, difficult and suffering people are poor in spirit. PCC stops their ears at the cry of these 1%. I was pondering this truth today, thanking God for my website ministry which reaches out in love to the 1% of saints who are depressed, down and out, hurt, angry, frustrated, lonely, tired and disgusted with superficial phony churches today. Jeff Redlin gets paid a 6-digit salary to care about the 99%, but I don't get paid a penny to care about the 1% (and I wouldn't take a penny or a million dollars if you threw it at me). I love the ministry which God has given to me. Everyone is welcome in my ministry. PCC discriminates, they only love some people; but I do not discriminate, I love everybody with Christ's unconditional l love. I always take people back who have become angry at me and left, but then came back asking me for a second chance. Of course you can have a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, there is no limit.

I was listening to the blessed Old Testament book of Proverbs today, and I heard a Bible verse that applies to the thieves who stole from my vehicle this week. Proverbs 12:26, "The righteous is more excellent than his neighbour: but the way of the wicked seduceth them." God is so good. Likewise, God sees that I have an excellent spirit toward PCC. The Lord sees and knows that I desire to make peace, to reconcile and be a part of the PCC family. Sadly, PCC cult leadership have huge egos, and they are arrogant, spiritually blinded to their wretched, naked, poor and miserable condition as a church (Revelation 3:15-17).

I am just a humble broken sinner, a nobody who deserves to burn in Hell for my sins. But thanks be to God, who rescued me through the gift of His only begotten Son, Jesus. Pastor Jeff Redlin at PCC's Campus Church is so cocky and full of hubris, that he won't even communicate with me. I gave him my phone number, mailing address and email. I apologized 3 times and sincerely offered to do what ever they require top make peace. I conditionally promised to remove all my criticisms from social media, but only IF they agree to allow me to attend Campus Church. They wouldn't even talk with me about making a path of restoration. Sadly, they are just jerks at PCC, yuppie-type leaders who hold grudges, refuse to forgive and think like juvenile teenagers who are undisciplined brats. Did I mention that PCC leaders are arrogant, having a wicked spirit of supremacy over others? Sadly, it is all true.

Pastor Jack Hyles often told the entire church that the day the poor, and the bus kids, and smelly rescue mission men, the broken, homeless and unloving are not welcomed at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, he would resign as their pastor. Dr. Hyles meant it too! I share Brother Hyles sentiments exactly. My ministry exists to help everybody, especially the 1% of rejects, failures, the poor and downcast, felons, unwanted people, losers, former prison convicts, mental cases and all those in society that no one else will give the time of day too. 

You'd be surprised at some of my biggest ministry co-laborers, my ministry friends—messed up people who survive on taking prescription drugs, who have spent years going to psychiatrists, and have had umpteen horrible pastors cruelly tell them they are insane. But they come to me and I receive those weirdos with love, tolerating their mood swings and rudeness to me at times. I look beyond their faults and I see their need. I wean them little by little with the Word of God, showering them with God's unconditional love. And now years later they are saved, serving God as active soulwinners, rescuing men's souls from the grip of Satan with the hope of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. I live to help people for Christ!

I didn't write this blog to brag that I am a better person than Jeff Redlin, God forbid. I am just as much a dirty wicked sinner as the next guy. We are all wicked! I wrote this blog to draw attention to the masquerade of phony religion today. I wrote this blog to pull back the big curtain, to expose the little contemptible man at the control at PCC. The world sees 'The Great Oz' at PCC, with their expensive extravagant buildings, and their fake image of being a church that actually loves God and people. THEY ARE LIARS AT PCC!!!

The official motto at Campus Church is: “LOVING GOD! LOVING PEOPLE!” Sadly, they don't practice what they preach! At PCC you either give unwavering allegiance to the cult's leaders, or else you are shunned, ostracized and thrown under the bus. I attended Campus Church for a few months in 2021. Pastor Redlin was brash and insensitive in his remarks, which deeply hurt my feelings. When I kindly told him that as the pastor of Campus Church he made me feel like garbage. His ungodly reply was “That's your reality.” In other words, he said I feel like garbage because of my own wrong thinking. But that is not what I said to him. I had kindly told Pastor Redlin that he made me feel like garbage.

Tragically, the incompetent leaders of PCC and Campus Church are intellectual devils. They think they are smarter than they really are. They think they are cute elevating themselves into the place of God. At PCC, only SOME LIVES MATTER. But in a genuine New Testament church, ALL LIVES MATTER. That is why I wrote this blog dear friend, because I want to expose PCC for not caring, helping or loving the 1% among us, those who need their compassion and love the most. It is NOT okay to only love and care about the 99% percent.

To clarify, I am not talking about belligerent people with whom you cannot reason or make peace (although you should express God's love toward those individuals). I am talking about people like me, who have already apologized multiple times to PCC's leaders. I am still willing to reconcile and make peace with them, but they hate me and refuse to make a path of RESTORATION. Galatians 6:1-3 teaches to seek restoration with fallen brothers and sisters in Christ, in a humble spirit of meekness.

Jesus said if you bring your gift to the altar to give God, but remember that a brother has ought against you (i.e., someone is pissed off at you for some reason), the Lord WILL NOT accept your worship until you first go and reconcile with your brother. I have ought against Jeff Redlin and PCC. I have already gone to them, but they refuse to cooperate. Matthew 5:23, “Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.” I want the world to know that I HAVE OUGHT AGAINST CAMPUS CHURCH AND PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE!!!

They refuse to reconcile. They hate my guts and won't even talk with me, which is wickedness. PCC's leaders and support staff are all in bed together in apostasy, mistreating and shunning anybody who they don't accept in their CULT. That is why both Campus Church and PCC have blocked my Facebook account. God hears my humble cry! God sees their arrogance at PCC, and that they have become a spiritual Sodom at Campus Church (which is really a cult, and no church at all). Only religious cults shun and reject hurting people, selectively choosing who is relevant and who is expendable. It is all about money, money, money at PCC. Thank you for reading.

There is a major problem in Bible colleges, ministries and churches all across America, which is that professed Christians don't care about individual people. That is why I wrote this blog. It is not accepted to only care about the majority, but then discard the minority. Jesus didn't just care about the 99 sheep safe in the fold, He cared also about that 1 lamb who went astray. When people become discouraged or disgruntled and leave church, we ought never just let them go. We should go after them with God's love, begging them to come back. We should seek restoration, not just kick people out of church when they have fallen. People just want to be loved.

By God's grace, I wrote this blog to help you discern what is wrong with Pensacola Christian College (PCC), Bob Jones University (BJU) and so many other shabby so-called “Christian ministries” today where individual people are expendable. The truth is that no church or ministry is pleasing to God who discards people, throwing unwanted people under the bus.  I know that I am nothing, but PCC arrogantly thinks they are something. At PCC the system always comes first, individual people do not matter. Galatians 6:3, “For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.”

The Bible commands us as saints to esteem others as being BETTER THAN OUR SELF. Philippians 2:3, “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Something is very wrong with PCC, when they can all meet in their so-called “Campus Church” and sing religious songs like everything is just fine, while people like me and Samantha Field are at home hurting in inexplicable pain of soul, because PCC won't have anything to do with us. You cannot crap on your Christian brother and then worship God in church like nothing is wrong. God's curse is upon the PCC camp, until they start loving the 1% who need their love, compassion and empathy. The heart of my website ministry for the past 21 years has been reaching out the the 1%. By God's grace I will continue to do so.

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