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The Bible Colleges Are Becoming Secularized

Romans 16:17-18, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”

I was absolutely disgusted this morning when I looked at my Twitter account. Here is a post by Dr. Clarence Sexton, pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee. The church also operates Crown College as one of their many ministries. I think the following is disgraceful...

The Apostasy At Crown College in Powell, Tennessee

That is terrible! What this means is that Crown College will be offering vocational courses (e.g., welding, flying an airplane, nursing, engineering, law enforcement training, et cetera). I am not sure of the specific courses that Crown College will offer, but it is obvious from Pastor Sexton's tweet on Twitter that their college will be offering welding skills. The courses I just listed are offered at Pensacola Christian College (PCC). Crown College is now offering vocational classes, which in my humble opinion is truly sad for several reasons:
  1. It evidences that Crown College is money hungry (1st Timothy 6:28-11).
  2. It evidences that Crown College is becoming secularized. The now pro-homosexual 'The University Of Chicago' was started by a Baptist preacher in 1890 as a Christian institution. Today the vile college is a cesspool of atheism, fornication and wickedness. Crown College is flushing down the same slippery slope as Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College. All of these apostate institutions have become woefully secularized, promoting false prophets like Ken Ham, Steve Pettit and John MacArthur. The love of money has corrupted all of them!
  3. It evidences that Crown College is moving away from building churches. When Pastor Jack Hyles started Hyles-Anderson College (HAC) in 1972, it was with the sole purpose of training anybody (young or old, male or female, healthy or disabled) who wanted to prepare for full-time Christian ministry. There were no vocational classes for carnally-minded students. Sadly, since 2008 the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (and HAC that they own and control) no longer believe and preach that the King James Bible is without error and inspired.
  4. It evidences that Crown College has become greedy.
  5. It evidences that Crown College is not right with God.
  6. It will draw carnally-minded students to Crown College, who care not about serving the Lord, they just want a trade skill.
  7. Over time, Crown College will continue to change for the worse, as they have already. Dr. Jack Hyles often said that every Bible college will eventually go apostate, but the church is promised Divine Perpetuity from God. So a college is destined to fail, but a church doesn't have to. Hyles-Anderson College is corrupt today, sadly because the pulpit at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, became corrupted first.
Tragically, PCC's joke called “Campus Church” is anything but a church. It is a chapel, not a Bible church. PCC leadership have huge egos and epitomize arrogance and sinful bigotry. From all that I have seen, making money is what matters most to all these religious institutions. So they refrain from stepping on anybody's toes. Ecumenism (cooperation between believers and unbelievers) is dangerous to a church. Why doesn't PCC, BJU and Crown College expose damnable heresy and counterfeit plans of salvation? They don't and won't contend for the faith!!!

For example: Pastor Jeff Redlin is a mere employee at PCC. They don't give a damn about individual people. Hurting and broken people are shunned, looked down upon and rejected by the Satanic PCC CULT. They're just playing the game of church. PCC leadership has wickedly banned me since August of 2022 from attending their Campus Church, because they are prejudiced bigots, KKK type haters and ungodly respecters of persons. I criticized Jeff Redlin on social media for mistreating me when I attended Campus Church in 2021, for which they refuse to forgive me at PCC or give me a second chance. That is what the heathen world does, not God's children. I am not one of their indoctrinated cult members, I think objectively for myself (a big no, no at PCC). They just don't care about individual people! I speak that to their utter shame and contempt in the PCC camp.

I was utterly disgusted in 2016 when I heard Pastor Clarence Sexton begging his church congregation for $1,000,000 to renovate Crown College. Pastor Steven L. Anderson is so right—the apostate religious Bible colleges are growing bigger and bigger, while the churches that support them are shrinking smaller and smaller. ...

The Bible College Scam

“By-vocational ministry” refers to working preachers, who serve God while working a secular job at the same time. The Apostle Paul made tents on the side to support Himself. During Jesus' earthly ministry, He had a few women support Him. Luke 8:2-3, “And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance. Amen.

There is nothing wrong with a man learning a vocational skill. When I attended Hyles-Anderson College my first year in 1985 to 1986, I realized that I needed to find a better paying job than United Parcel Service (UPS). I worked at UPS part time (that's all they would give us, so they didn't have to provide any benefits). I hated that job, even though I appreciated the job. We used to call UPS, “Undergoing Personal Suicide.” It was that bad! I had a box of Jorgensen Bolts fall off a conveyer and hit me in the head, which could have killed me.

I decided to take a break from Bible college for a year to attend Lincoln Technical Institute to learn auto and truck repair. I worked hard and attained high grades, 9 A's and 3 B's. There were 12 classes total. I gave it my best! I then got married in August of 1987 and decided to take 6 more months off from Bible college, to get settled into my marriage without overdoing it. There was no internet back then, so I had to drive 50 miles from Chicago, Illinois to Crownpoint, Indiana every day for school. I couldn't do it 5 days a week, so I took classes for either 3 or 2 days a week. After classes I had to drive 70 miles to Melrose Park, Illinois, where I worked as a truck mechanic and paid my own way through Bible college. It only took me 8 years...lol. I finally and gratefully graduated in 1993.

In hindsight, I regret deciding to become a mechanic. The school's TV commercials show all the mechanics with clean hands, neatly pressed clean uniforms, with no sign of grease or dirt; but in reality you become a walking grease rag. Your hands become catcher's mitts for splintered metal, hitting your hands with hammers and all sorts of painful injuries and lasting scars. The average mechanic only lasts for a few years, because it is rough work. We used to call working on trucks, “bull work,” because it is rough, tough and dangerous work. I am fortunate that I didn't get killed working under and around trucks.

Also, if I could go back and choose a different trade, hands down it would have been cooking school. The culinary arts never change! People's taste buds never change. Recipes never change. Once you learn how to cook great tasty meals, you have a lifetime skill. Not everybody owns or has a broken car, but everybody loves to eat good food. Ninety percent of everything I learned about working on cars and trucks in 1986 is obsolete today, just like learning Computer Science (the technology changes almost overnight). So if you want my humble advice on a great skill to pursue, learn how to cook! I would also recommend learning Business Management if you have the opportunity, so when you learn to cook great food you can open and manage your own business (whether it be a restaurant or starting your own ice cream company like Ben & Jerry's did. 

Having said all that, I am thankful that Hyles-Anderson College DIDN'T offer vocational classes, because it would have changed the whole atmosphere of the college. I cannot even imagine sitting in my pajamas at my computer, earning a degree in Pastoral Theology without ever leaving my residence. The relentless driving back and forth—in sun, rain, sleet, ice and snow; a few car crashes and near fatal mishaps; umpteen car breakdowns, being stranded on the highway at night in a bad neighborhood, et cetera—that all gave me tenacity, ruggedness and better character! We were required as students to be actively involved in a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, as long as we attended HAC. I cherish that hard work, group effort, fellowship, daily chapel and character building activities. Earning a degree at home cannot even compare to actually sitting in a classroom with other like-minded students, and attending chapel to hear Gospel singing and Bible preaching every day.

Dr. Hyles had a strong conviction that teachers couldn't reproduce preachers; only preachers can reproduce preachers!!! So Brother Hyles put active soulwinning preachers into all the classrooms, so that we could be trained by preachers to stand for God. That is in part why Pastor Steven Anderson is as fired up as he is, because of Pastor Jack Hyles influence on him. Pastor Anderson is an alumni of Hyles-Anderson College, as am I too. My ministry preaching is bold, in your face, compassionate, offensive to many, unapologetic and uncompromisingly. I got that from being around Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001).

My humble opinion is that when a Bible college starts offering secular vocational courses, it is the Devil's foothold in the door. I am fully convinced that the reason BJU, PCC and now Crown College offer vocational classes is for THE LOVE OF MONEY!!! Sadly, I also see that all of these corrupt institutions wickedly bid Godspeed to false prophet Ken Ham...


BJU, PCC and Crown College have all invited Ken Ham to speak at their colleges and churches. IT IS WICEDNESS!!! Why don't these overpaid 6-digit salaried pastors wickedly bid Godspeed to Ken Ham's counterfeit plan of salvation, making themselves ungodly partakers of his evil deeds? It is because none of them give a damn about right doctrine. Nowhere in the inspired King James Bible are we taught to turn away from our evil ways to get to Heaven, which according to Jonah 3:10 is WORKS. Jonah 3:10, “And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not. The Ninevites didn't get saved, they were spared God's wrath and judgment upon their nation, because they repented of their sins. Judas also repented of his sins in Matthew 27:3, but still died in his sins and went to Hell in unbelief.

I think it is tragic that BJU, PCC, Crown College and other money hungry religious institutions are now offering secular vocational trades, which detracts from building churches. Again, I am not against a young person obtaining a trade skill, but Bible colleges ought to remain BIBLE COLLEGES, not welding colleges! Mark my words, examine Crown College in 20 to 30 years, and see where they are at spiritually. The greatest threat to churches today are ungodly compromisers like Clarence Sexton, Jeff Redlin, Marty Herron, Church Phelps, Steve Pettit and other incompetent leaders of the faith. They are dropping the ball for the home team!

It is pathetic to see our nation's biggest Bible colleges becoming 'one stop shops' for all your needs, spiritual or secular, doesn't matter. Evidently Crown College wants to become the Walmart of Christendom. To do so, just cheapens the whole purpose of starting a Christian college in the first place, and encourages the wrong type of students to enroll. Let the heathen world train the welders, veterinarians, bicycle repairman and engineers. Sadly, the end result of today's “Bible colleges gone crazy” will be a whole new generation of incompetent clowns for pastors. We've got too many clowns in the pulpit already. Enough!

America is going to Hell because the ignorant churches that continue to hire incompetent graduates from today's crappy apostate Bible colleges. Dear reader, I encourage you to do everything in your power to convince young people NOT to attend PCC, BJU or Crown College, unless you want their faith in the Holy Bible shaken. Sadly, everybody just wants to get along, sinfully compromise, take the easy path and collect their ungodly 6-digit paychecks. 

By the way, NONE of those collages (PCC, BJU, Crown College and Sadly HAC) believe that we have an inspired Holy Bible in the English language today. They all errantly insist and foolishly teach that ONLY the original autographs on the Word of God were inspired, which don't exist on earth anymore. All we have are translations and copies of copies of copies of God's Word. Since we don't have any of the originals, we must have a preserved inspired translation, otherwise God is a liar (Psalms 12:6-7). I humbly believe with all certainty that the King James Bible is that preserved inspired Holy Bible.

I wouldn't give you a penny for 97% of today's so-called “Bible colleges.” In truth, they are preachers cemeteries!!! It is so shameful. The Devil's colleges don't teach how to build churches. So if the churches don't do it, then who will? Yet, professed Christian colleges are now teaching the same secular courses that heathen world does. Go figure! I say, let the Devil's crowd teach the secular courses. There's enough heathen schools where you can learn to weld. We need a whole new breed of preachers in America!

It Matters Which Bible We Use!
(God only authored one inspired Holy Book)

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