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Wicked Men Like Marty Herron Ruin People's Lives

Acts 16:30-31, “And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

I love the simplicity of the Word of God. Although there are many passages of Scripture which are indeed controversial, the topic of salvation is abundantly clear in the Holy Bible. God authored the Gospel of John to show us how to go to Heaven. John 20:31, “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.” As you can clearly see, John 20:31 penned by the Apostle John is in full agreement with Acts 16:30-31 written by the Apostle Luke. To be saved we are simply told to BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

With such clear Scriptural evidence in view, it is tragic and disturbing that countless religious leaders today pervert the Gospel, teaching doctrines of devils. These men are sincere, but dead wrong in their theological error. A sincere but woefully ignorant 73 year old man emailed me recently, scolding me for preaching against Pacific Garden Mission (PGM) in Chicago, and their 'UNSHACKLED' radio series. So many people are deceived by Satan! UNSHACKLED's heart-touching stories are captivating and interesting, but many of them are not Scriptural concerning how to be saved. The Bible is our final standard, not the teachings of men. What saith the Scripture? I just showed you what the Bible says in Acts 16:30-31 and John 20:31. We are saved by BELIEVING ON JESUS.

The Damnable Counterfeit Gospel Of Pacific Garden Mission

Now take a disturbing look at what Pacific Garden Mission (PGM) teaches, and you'll understand why I preach against these infidels of the faith. In UNSHACKLED program #3589 (aired in 2020), a woman named Debbie Brooks meets with a religious friend named Sharon:
SHARON: Trusting Jesus is the only thing that can make a difference in my messed-up life. 
DEBBIE: I keep hearing that in church, but I don't get it—how something that EASY can be a life-changer. 
SHARON: Oh Debbie, it's not easybelieving in Jesus means repenting and asking forgiveness for all the old ways, and then GIVING THEM UP FOR GOOD. When you find the COURAGE TO DO THAT, He'll help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 
DEBBIE: Huh, well, I'll have to think about it.
Dear reader, what you just read taught by Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago is of the Devil, straight out of the pits of Hell. I hope you see how evil this is. PGM has moved away from the hope of the Gospel. According to the preceding UNSHACKLED program, it is NOT EASY to be saved, because you are required to GIVE UP YOUR OLD SINFUL WAYS PERMANENTLY! That is “another gospel” accursed by God! Somewhere along the way, Moody Bible Institute, Bob Jones University and Pacific Garden Mission became devout followers of Pastor John MacArthur's demonic Lordship Salvation garbage theology! God's curse is upon all of them—including infidels' Marty Herron, Chuck Phelps, Sam Horn, Steve Pettit, Tom Ferrell, Joe Hansen, Jared Baldwin and Gary Walton. 

I make absolutely no apologies for preaching against the damnable heresies being propagated by PGM. Pacific Garden Mission is guilty of preaching another gospel...
Galatians 1:6-9, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”
Pacific Garden Mission is PREACHING ANOTHER GOSPEL!!! We are taught in 2nd Corinthians 11:3-4 that the Gospel is simple. Having to forsake the old sinful way of life is anything but simple. PGM has it backwards. God's plan of salvation is simply that you come to God as a needy sinner, and you receive His Son's sacrifice on the cross as payment for your sins. PGM demands that you turn from your sins first, which is not what the Bible teaches. 

Again, I just showed you from John 20:31 and Acts 16:30-31 that we are saved by BELIEVING ON JESUS. Nothing more is required! Repentance is automatic. The man who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ has repented (i.e., changed his mind toward God - Acts 20:21). If repentance was a separate act from believing, then the Bible would have said to repent and believe in Acts 16:30-31 and John 20:31, but it doesn't. The Bible simply says to BELIEVE on Jesus! 

What right do wicked men have to add to God's Words? Proverbs 30:5-6, “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” Pastor Marty Herron is a liar. Dr. Steve Pettit is a liar. Pastor John MacArthur is a liar. Pacific Garden Mission are liars. Cartoon evangelist Jack Chick is a liar. Dr. Sam Horn is a liar. Bob Jones University are liars. Moody Bible Institute are liars. Harvest Baptist Church on Guam are liars. Pastor Gary Walton is a liar. The proponents of Lordship Salvation are liars. Those who teach that a person must turn away from sin to be saved are liars. These are all the commandments of men, which make the inspired Word of God of none effect (Mark 7:7-13).

PGM's false gospel says you must make a commitment to follow Jesus as “Lord. Yet, Judas followed Jesus as one of His very apostles and still went to Hell. Matthew 27:3 says Judas “repented” of his sins, but he wasn't saved at all. Millions of religious people falsely think they will be in Heaven someday, because they are trying to faithfully live the Christian life, but they will be in Hell (Matthew 7:21-23). Luke 13:23-24, “Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.”

Here is PGM's 'GO TO' Bible passage—2nd Corinthians 5:17-18, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;” There is a fine line between faith and foolishness! God knows that I am not trying to be negative, nor criticize Pacific Garden Mission without a cause; but rather, they are pressuring sinners to make a commitment to turn away from sin to be saved, which is not a part of the Gospel. 

The new creature” spoken of in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 is wrought by the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and NOT by the recipient of God's free gift of eternal life by faith alone. God saves a man by faith alone (this is justification), and then the indwelling Holy Spirit changes that man over a lifetime of growing in grace (this is sanctification). PGM's worldwide popular 'UNSHACKLED' radio broadcast preaches another gospel which cannot produce regeneration (the new birth).

The Deadly Bob Jones University Crowd Today

It is critically important that sanctification within be kept entirely separate from justification without. Pilgrim's Progress author and Gospel preacher, John Bunyan (1628-1688), said it well:
“If you do not put a difference between justification wrought by the man Christ without and sanctification wrought by the Spirit of Christ within, you are not able to divide the Word aright; but contrariwise, you corrupt the Word of God, and cast stumbling blocks before the people.” [emphasis added] —Evangelist John Bunyan
I love that helpful quote. In fact, it is one of my favorite quotes. It shows that John Bunyan fully understood that a changed life has NOTHING to do with receiving the free gift of eternal life, which is solely by the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:9). The entire Bob Jones University crowd today are deceived by the Devil, because they do not put a difference between justification and sanctification. Proof of what I say is clearly seen in the following horrifying quote from Dr. Steve Pettit (an unsaved infidel who has hi-jacked the leadership of BJU since 2014):
You can't just speak about getting saved, and you accepted Christ, and then that's it! There is a justification; There is a sanctification; There's ultimately a glorification, and though there are three parts, they are all part of the whole, and you cannot separate them. In order for you to qualify for the award, you have to get into the race, you have to stay in the race, and you have to finish the race. If you want to win, you have to run to the end; and winning in the Christian life is everything, because if you lose—if you don't finish—you lose everything—you lose your SOUL. And so, the Christian race is the life of faith that begins, is run, and is finished when we cross over into Heaven!” —Dr. Steve Pettit (“What Does It Mean To Run 'The Race'?” - 11:34)
As you just read from Steve Pettit's own words, he teaches that you CANNOT separate justification from sanctification. In so doing, Dr. Pettit is guilty of corrupting the Word of God and casting stumbling blocks before the people. Anyone who bids Godspeed to BJU today and Steve Pettit are pulling on the same rope as the Devil. Pastor Marty Herron is a shameful loyal supporter and friend of the Devil, by bidding Godspeed to BJU and Steve Pettit. These men are infidels of the Christian faith! For taking a faithful stand for THE TRUTH, at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam between 2014 to 2021, I was cruelly driven out of their church family by Marty Herron and thrown under the bus. God will avenge me for their cruelty, for killing the prophet who bared witness unto THE TRUTH. For my blessing they cursed me.

Pastor Marty Herron Wickedly Ruined My Life

Harvest's senior pastor Marty Herron ruined my life, refusing me permission to attend church anymore since 2014. My only crime was befriending them with THE TRUTH. I kindly handed them books proclaiming THE TRUTH that the modern Bible revisions are corrupt. I gave them books (that I bought with my own money) proclaiming THE TRUTH that Lordship Salvation is a perversion of God's grace. I gave them books proving that Martin Luther (1483-1546) was not a born-again Christian, because he taught the heresy of Baptismal Regeneration (requiring water baptism to be saved) all his life. Luther's catechisms which he wrote in 1529 confirm this fact. Luther allegedly got saved in 1517 A.D., but clearly he did not get saved!

I literally apologized, humbled myself and pleaded in 2017 three times with Harvest's pastors just to be able to attend church services, so I could date Kristen Hurlburt (the school's nurse). I loved Kristen and I know as sure as I am saved that she wanted me. Sadly, she was coerced by her ungodly bully bosses to get rid of me. She cruelly told me in a cold email in 2017 never to contact her again, right after I told her in a heartfelt letter that I loved her and wanted to marry her. I never heard from Kristen again. If she had simply responded like an adult, and simply let me know that it was okay to contact her again, we would have been married. That was all her own fault. Kris is a graduate of BJU and I will always love and miss her. Marty Herron is the devil who kept us apart, and my blood is upon his ungodly hands.

I know as sure as I am born-again that me and Kristen would have been married. I would have given her my body, soul and spirit. I love her so much, still today. I would have died for her, and given everything in this world in love to her. But once she told me to leave her alone, my mindset was that I was not allowed to contact her again, and I am a gentleman, so I didn't. Kristen was very immature and handled the whole situation very foolishly. I wrote her as an adult, in total love, but she never contacted me again, which was her decision alone. You cannot mistreat a guy like that and leave it there, and expect anything good to happen.

My heart will always be broken, because Kristen dealt treacherously with me, because I TOLD THE TRUTH and Harvest's pastors counted me as their enemy for it (Galatians 4:16). Kris was weak and allowed her bosses to control her mind, and she lost out, and so did I. God will judge this matter in eternity. I want to be avenged. Those wicked and selfish men all have wives, and kept me from the wife I could have had. I always wanted Kristen as my wife and never once thought differently, but she turned me away and never contacted me again, and I was scared to approach her. In addition, I am nearsighted and cannot see too well, so even if I had seen her, I could not be sure it was her. Kristen really messed things up for us. I am sad that Kris allowed her wicked pastors, who disregard THE TRUTH, to keep her and me apart.

Please read these Bible passages again. Acts 16:30-31, “And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” John 20:31, “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.” There is nothing in the Bible about surrendering to Christ's Lordship. There is nothing mentioned about turning away from a lifestyle of sin. There is nothing mentioned about committing one's life and personality to Christ. There is nothing else mentioned, just to BELIEVE ON JESUS. 

Kindly said, I am not the one who has perverted the Gospel, Marty Herron does! Joe Hansen and Jared Baldwin bid Godspeed to this evil, having worked on staff as associate pastors at Harvest. These wicked men are in big trouble with God! When I handed them THE TRUTH, they killed the prophet. They counted me as their enemy and refused to even allow me to attend church, knowing that my life was a trainwreck and I needed their compassion and help, but they left me for dead. Their blood be upon their own heads! My blood be upon these wicked infidels of the faith! God will avenge me (Romans 12:19-21; Galatians 1:6-9, 3:1-3, 5:4, 6:7; Matthew 7:1-2, 12:36; Proverbs 30:5-6).

Why do wicked men corrupt the Gospel? They do it to go along with their wicked peers in the ministry. Pastor Jack Hyles is right—They don't want to suffer reproach for the name of Christ! They don't want to be put outside the gate with Jesus! The Bob Jones crowd don't stand! They sell out in sinful compromise, going along to get along, following wherever the money leads them, to their next job. Marty Herron quit Harvest in 2018 to go become the executive vice president of Faith Baptist Bible College And Theological Seminary (a disgusting private college in Ankeny, Iowa with the primary goal of making profits for its investors). 

Mr. Herron is a selfish unsaved infidel, who ought not be allowed to speak in any pulpit in America. If I had my way he'd be rotting in prison for all the lives he has destroyed, especially mine. It hurts my soul daily that there is nothing I can do to hold him accountable for the evils he has caused, by his haughty arrogance, rejection of THE TRUTH, refusing to let me and Kristen date, and throwing me under the bus for befriending him with THE TRUTH of God's Word. It is my earnest prayer that God will speedily avenge me, and wipe that smirk off Herron's face. Herron is now getting paid a 6-digit salary. Religious crime pays well! I've never met such a phony man in all my life. Deep in my heart I love Pastor Herron (I don't hate anybody), but after costing my Kristen as my wife, I want Marty Herron to pay for what he has done. Sadly, he is cocky and arrogant in his wealthy lifestyle, 100% a self-righteous Pharisee.

I rest my case. I have only preached THE TRUTH. Go will be my only Judge!!! Lordship Salvation is a lie of the Devil. Misunderstood Repentance is a lie of the Devil. The modern Westcott and Hort translated Bible revisions are all of the Devil. Oftentimes in life people will hurt us, and there is absolutely nothing within the law that we can do to obtain justice. Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001) used to wisely say: “Everyone deserves justice, whether he is 3 years old or 90—everybody deserves JUSTICE!” I want justice against Marty Herron. That horrible man ruined my life, and I won't rest until God punishes him for siding with the Devil's error. 

Everything is a joke to the yuppie-type Bob Jones crowd today. They are shallow neo-evangelicals, following the mainstream evangelical trend; and anybody who dares to tell them that God only authored ONE BOOK (the King James Bible, not dozens of revisions), and there is only ONE GOSPEL (a free grace Gospel, not Lordship Salvation), as I did, is cast out as their enemy (Galatians 4:16). God is on my side for one reason, because I am on God's side (Romans 3:4). I TOLD THE TRUTH, and it cost me dearly. It cost me Kristen Hurlburt as my wife. It cost me my church family for 7 painful years. I cost me many tears, loneliness and inexplicable heartache for 7 years. All the time Marty Herron was living large! I want God to avenge me!!! Luke 18:7, “And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?”

Senior pastor Gary Walton is no better at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, a selfish man who only cares about his paycheck. My blood is mostly on Pastor Herron's hands, and God will punish him for it. I plead with God for justice! No one has bothered to speak to me since 2014 from Harvest, despite me umpteen pleas for their love and help. Where dwelleth the love of God? There is no love or compassion at Harvest. They have the 99 sheep, so who cares about me (that one lost lamb who needs their help)? I believe God showed mercy toward Harvest's pastors, staff and members by sending me to their church between 2014 to 2021 (SEVEN YEARS; GOD's FAVORITE NUMBER). That is no coincidence. Harvest's pastors and congregation killed the prophet. I came to them in love and humility bearing gifts of THE TRUTH, which they cast to the ground and mocked me, laughing in God's face.

I am writing this article as a testimony against the entire wicked Bob Jones University CULT. God willing, I am leaving Guam in 7 days to move to Pensacola, Florida. My heart is broken. My life is lonely without a wife. Marty Herron did this to me! If that ungodly man had simply given me a second chance, I would have removed all my criticisms against Harvest Baptist Church from the internet, and Kristen would have married me, if they had shown mercy; but their hatred, unforgiveness, prejudice and paranoia ruined my life. All I ever wanted was a church family. What kind of pastor refuses to allow a broken hurting sinner to attend church services? I even offered in 2017 to meet with Pastor Herron for counsel in his office, welcoming his spiritual help with my broken life, but he arrogantly refused. 

Harvest's shameful pastors cruelly told me to go away. They just don't care at Harvest, because it doesn't affect their paycheck not to care. I do not know what the future holds. God willing, I am going to diligently look for a woman to restart my life with in Florida. I've already purchased a ticket for a singles event in August. I am going to sign up for when I get to Florida. Fuddrucker BJU and Harvest! Psalms 109:4-5, “For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.” 

I've never felt like quitting like I do now. I am so sick of money-oriented fake Christians like Marty Herron, who play God with people's lives, hurting whoever they don't like and leaving damaged lives behind. Pastor Herron left a mess on Guam! He thought he would just abandon ship and go his merry way, like the serpent did in Genesis after ruining Eve's life. Marty Herron is a serpent!!! Harvest will never be the same because of the evil he has done while their shameful senior pastor. You either love everybody or you love nobody! Herron only superficially loves those who line his pockets with money, serving his own belly (Romans 16:17-18). America is going to Hell because of neo-evangelicals and their chaotic rash of confusing Bible revisions, multiple corrupt variations of the Gospel, haughty stiffnecked arrogance, and dictatorship style of playing God with people's lives. Search the internet and you'll see why so many thousands of people (victims) hate the abusive Bob Jones crowd.

According to Matthew 7:21-23 Marty Herron is going to Hell, because Jesus does not know him. Pastor Curtis Hutson exposes Marty Herron as a devil in the pulpit, and exposes the entire damned Bob Jones crowd. I have told THE TRUTH. That is why I was excommunicated from Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. I want to be avenged by God. I still don't have a wife, while Marty Herron enjoys home-cooked meals and romance. Marty Herron couldn't care less about anybody but himself. WHAT A WICKED MAN!!! Hell is coming up to get him. Herron is not my Christian brother, he is a reprobate, a wolf in sheep's clothing! 1st Samuel 24:12-13, “The LORD judge between me and thee, and the LORD avenge me of thee: but mine hand shall not be upon thee. As saith the proverb of the ancients, Wickedness proceedeth from the wicked: but mine hand shall not be upon thee.”

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