Friday, September 4, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Big Media Hoax!

John 16:33, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

I've never seen such a massive hoax, not since the 911 attacks, which were clearly an Inside Job! I live on the island of Guam, which is a microcosm of the U.S. government. I was laughing this week, and equally disgusted, to read the local Guam authorities saying “We're in a dire straits” after a 96-year-old woman died. If she hadn't contracted the virus, she might have lived 2 more minutes. In my humble opinion, these people in charge are acting out of fear instead of common sense. They shut down the local parks, threatening to arrest anyone who went to walk for some fresh air (the best prevention for any sickness). The leaders of Guam have succumbed to the U.S. media-generated fear, panic and tyranny. 

Authoritarians are depriving us of our rights! No one should be forced to wear a face mask. It's all political fraud, intended to continue what they started on 911, to break the will of the American people, to enslave us to government. That is the true intent behind the homosexual agenda and teaching evolution in schools!!! This is all leading into the Devil's New World Order. I wrote this article to share the following excellent words of truth from Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Montana, who has kept up with this hoax since it began in January of 2020 (here is the MP3 audio of the following text):
This local NBC news report states that the CDC is now admitting that only 9,683 people in the U.S. have died exclusively from the Coronavirus—NOT the reputed 160,000 plus. The rest of the deaths had other serious underlying diseases that took their lives.
Please let that sink in. The CDC’s own report says less than 10,000 people have died exclusively from the Coronavirus.
That fact is a blatant admission that the entire CDC/WHO/medical establishment/White House/congressional/news media corona narrative has indeed been grossly exaggerated and manipulated.
Jordan Hall, Publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette, which was quoted above, gave an excellent summary of “The Great Coronavirus Panic Of 2020”:
* The government response to COVID-19 has done far more damage than the virus itself.
* Far fewer have died exclusively from COVID-19 than is regularly reported.
* Far more have had COVID-19 than we were led to believe.
* The so-called “experts” who insist we listen to them have been wrong on almost everything from the beginning.
* We self-sabotaged our economy and stripped ourselves of liberty for what amounts to a paper tiger.
* The government now has a far better idea exactly how far they can push citizens before we push back (and it’s further than any of us previously thought). This isn’t merely a strategy; it is a test.
* There is clearly a coordinated effort to keep us afraid of this virus and afraid of each other in a way that far surpasses common-sense communicable virus mitigation. The media, technocrats, and at least half of our politicians want you to remain terrified (or should I say, terrorized). 
* Masks are clearly far less effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 than social distancing (especially if you are sick), but almost all the PSAs from our Nanny State focus on masks exclusively. I’d suggest this is because without masks there would be no visible reminder in your daily life that you’re supposed to be terrified of something. 
* In fact, if it weren’t for media propaganda and the hysteria propagated by politicians, I submit to you we would not know there was a ‘pandemic’ at all. That’s right; without their fear mongering, we might have noticed nothing but a nasty respiratory bug going around, but it would not have struck us as a particularly deadly pandemic.
Amen, Jordan!  
This means it’s time for the American people to call the bluff and throw away those worthless masks, forget those stupid social distancing mandates and demand that their State and local authorities give the People their country back. The CDC has lost all credibility. There is now no doubt: The CDC is nothing but a criminal cabal of white-coated pimps working for Big Pharma. Anthony Fauci should go to prison. Bill Gates should go to prison. 
The medical “experts” who regurgitated and went along with this fraud should find other work, and the politicians and government bureaucrats who helped shut this country down, who helped destroy millions of jobs, who helped ruin the careers of millions of people and who helped take the homes and livelihoods of millions of Americans should be tarred and feathered and put on a slow boat to China. And let’s not forget a president and Congress that stole over 6 trillion dollars from the American taxpayers—two thirds of which went to their big banker buddies at the Federal Reserve. [emphasis added]
Did you read that? According to the CDC's own report, only 9,683 people have died directly from the COVID-19 virus, and not the commonly reported figure of 160,000 deaths! What liars! This is all a big hoax being perpetrated on the American people! People normally get sick. People normally die! Authoritarians are literally destroying our nation over this! So far our U.S. government is $6,000,000,000,000 in debt because of the COVID-19 virus, which is a dream come true for the criminal Federal Reserve banksters, and a nightmare for Americans! Satan sure is a deceiver and liar!

The subversive powers behind the COVID-19 pandemic are increasingly using Hollywood celebrities and singers to promote their cause. Europeans are waking up, why can't Americans? There are some big holes in the COVID 'spike' narrative. The Coronavirus has become the new terrorism!!! People are so gullible. Since January (9 months so far), I haven't seen as much as one person with a cough. Yet, every business on Guam is either completely shut down, or you can only order through the drive-thru, like McDonald's. I called to order some KFC food, and they said because of the COVID-19 virus they cannot deliver sandwiches. But I can go thru their drive-thru and order sandwiches! That is insane! 

On Guam, when I walk into ANY store, whether it be Payless or Post Net, they require that you let them measure your temperature. I'd hate to see their response if someone was 105 degrees! I think with all the media and local hype, that they would pee on themselves as they run for their lives in obsessive fear and paranoia. If you forget your mask and walk into a business, they will mistreat you like a criminal. In 9 months, 13 people (of 160,000 total population on Guam) have died from the Coronavirus—nearly all of which were older people or having preexisting health conditions. 

Please understand that I am not diminishing the value of a 96 year old woman's life. I am not saying that people shouldn't take precautions to stay healthy and avoid being infected. But the paranoia that I am seeing is far worse than the threat of a virus. You need to understand that each flu season at least 80,000 Americans DIE from the common flu (influenza). Every year in the world 4,000,000 people die from Tuberculosis! So why all the panic, fuss and literally bringing out the National Guard on Guam? My personal opinion is that this is all another 911 attack, being exploited by the same culprits behind 911. A look at this display of the All Seeing Eye at the Ground Zero Memorial tells us exactly who was to blame for 911, and they are boasting about it! You better believe that they are using this crisis to further their New World Order agenda. A cashless society is soon coming!

Please read this powerful quote once again from Pastor Chuck Baldwin's preceding article:

In fact, if it weren’t for media propaganda and the hysteria propagated by politicians, I submit to you we would not know there was a ‘pandemic’ at all. That’s right; without their fear mongering, we might have noticed nothing but a nasty respiratory bug going around, but it would not have struck us as a particularly deadly pandemic.

That is the absolute truth! If it weren't for all the hype by the media and the government succumbing to fear, we'd never even know there was a PANDEMIC!” Again, at least 80,000 Americans die each flu season, so this is not a panic situation, which they are making it.

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  1. Worst part of all this is that there are people promoting all this that should know better. Steven Anderson falls for the coronavirus scamdemic so badly that he just embarrasses himself every time he mentions it. Just looking at riots alone and seeing the lack of flu-related deaths of the rioters should be more than enough proof that this COVID-19 is the biggest exaggeration in history.


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