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The Insane Dinosaur Theory Of Young Earthers

Psalms 102:25, “Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands.”

Someone handed me a book recently, trying to convince me of a Young Earth theory. I explained to them my Old Earth position, but told them that I would read the book with an open mind and be honest. The book is titled, “THE CREATION ANSWERS BOOK,” co-authored by Don Batten, David Catchpoole, Jonathan Sarfati, Carl Wieland and various other contributing writers. I learned a long time ago that someone's most ridiculous argument is the most damning information against them, which can be used to discredit the rest of their work or beliefs:

For example: Jehovah's Witnesses successfully confuse many unsaved people on the matter of Jesus' deity, teaching people that Jesus is “a god” but not “THE GOD.” However, what Jehovah's Witnesses DON'T teach people upfront is that they believe Michael the archangel became Jesus. When you present this ridiculous information to an honest person, they can much more easily recognize the Jehovah's Witnesses as a satanic religious cult. Of course, the Word of God totally disagrees. The Bible teaches that the Godhead became incarnate (flesh) in the earthly person of Jesus Christ (John 1:1-3,14; Colossians 2:9 — King James Bible). The Bible teaches that Jesus is almighty God, the revelation of the unseen Father (1st Timothy 3:16; John 10:33; Revelation 1:8 — King James Bible).

Likewise, the most ridiculous information (argument) put forth in the book “THE CREATION ANSWERS BOOK” is concerning dinosaurs and man co-existing. The four authors teach that Noah took baby dinosaurs onto the ark, which is the same garbage that Ken Ham teaches. On pages 247-248 we read:
“Given the different dinosaur species that have been identified, and the huge size of some of them [e.g., Seismosaurus, on the basis of fossil reconstructions attained lengths of 45 metres (150 feet)], some people might wonder how Noah could have taken all the dinosaur kinds onto the Ark. However, when one considers the following, there is no problem.
1. Only around 55 dinosaur 'kinds'
In Chapter 13, we discussed how Noah did not need to take all species (a notoriously flexible concept) on board the Ark, but only pairs of each created kind. The same principle applies to dinosaurs. So Noah's Ark did not have to carry the 668 or so named species of dinosaurs, rather, just the representative 'kinds' (Genesis 6:20)—of which it has been estimated there were only 55.”
SOURCE: “THE CREATION ANSWERS BOOK,”  copyright 2006 by Creative Ministries International; pages 247-248.
At the bottom of page 248, the book has a footnote that claims there are many duplicate names for dinosaurs, and that the actual number of species is “greatly inflated.” This claim may actually have some merit, as National Geographic reports. However, as the National Geographic article says, there is not enough fossil evidence to prove the claim one way or the other. Wikipedia says there is a list of 1,466 dinosaur species, of which 1,080 are considered valid. This is certainly much higher than the alleged 55 species that “THE CREATION ANSWERS BOOK” claims. The question is, “Could all those dinosaurs fit on the Ark?” I think not! The very idea is absurd!

Check out this page from National Geographic's on Big Bad Bizarre Dinosaurs! (check out those TEETH). Did Noah bring these onto the Ark? I think not! ...
“After two centuries of paleontological harvest, the evidence seems stranger than any fable, and continues to get stranger. Dozens of new species emerge each year; China and Argentina are hot spots lately for startling new finds. Contemplating the bizarre specimens recently come to light, one cannot but wonder what on earth Nature was thinking of. What advantage was conferred, say, by the ungainly eight-foot-long (2.4 meters) arms and huge triple claws of Deinocheirus? Or, speaking of arms, by Mononykus's smug dependence on a single, stoutly clawed digit at the end of each minimal forearm? Guesses can be hazarded: The latter found a single stubby claw just the thing for probing after insects; the former stripped the leaves and bark from trees in awesome bulk. A carnivorous cousin, Deinonychus, about the size of a man, leaped on its prey, wrapped its long arms and three-fingered hands around it, and kicked it to the death with sickle-shaped toenails.” 
SOURCE: National Geographic — Bizarre Dinosaurs
Read here about new Horned Dinosaurs that have been found by archaeologists. Noah's Ark would have to keep increasing in size, because more and more species of dinosaurs are being discovered every year! The ark was big, but not THAT BIG! Look at some of these Prehistoric Creatures. They're called “prehistoric” for a good reason, that is, they existed before human history!!!

When I went to Los Angeles for neck surgery in 2009, I visited the famous LA BREA TAR PITS MUSEUM in downtown Los Angeles. They are literal tar pits, stinking with hot bubbling black tar. Some squirrels and birds get entrapped in the tar pits by accident and die unintentionally. I watched them doing some live excavations inside the Museum, still digging up fossils and meticulously sorting through them with special equipment and a magnifying glass to find fossils.

I sincerely, but ignorantly, went inside and asked where the dinosaurs were? The attendant laughed and said there were no dinosaurs there, only prehistoric Mammals. I was fascinated by that. It is a special museum just for prehistoric mammals, and not for dinosaurs like The Field Museum in Chicago. Inside the entrance was a giant Mammoth with giant tusks, and a Sabertooth tiger, and other hairy creatures as tall as the ceiling. How did Noah fit all the thousands of prehistoric mammals and creatures besides dinosaurs onto the ark? Clearly, Noah did not! Furthermore, even if dinosaurs did survive the flood, there is no record of them going extinct. Science shows that it was the Ice Age that wiped out the dinosaurs from the earth 65,000,000 years ago. Visit The “La Brea Tar Pits” Online

I love Dr. John R. Rice (1895-1980), but disagree with his Young Earth view. Dr. Rice believed that dinosaurs existed in Genesis, but that Noah left the dinosaurs behind. Brother Rice taught that dinosaurs lived in remote areas away from major living centers, just as wild animals like lions and hippopotamuses live today in remote areas and the jungles of Africa, India and South America. However, there is nothing in the Bible to indicate that Noah was told by God to leave certain animals behind. Even the birds couldn't have survived without being sheltered on-board the Ark. I think it is silly to think that ferocious dinosaurs of all types wouldn't have made their way to eat humans for dinner! There is no scientific evidence to evidence that mankind ever lived together with dinosaurs. Science evidences that dinosaurs lived 65,000,000 to 220,000,000 years ago, which is Biblically supported. 

I don't see Noah bringing prehistoric Pterodactyls on board (really big birds). If you consider all the thousands of species that exist in the world today, and all the thousands of extinct prehistoric creatures, there's no way possible that Noah could have brought them all on the ark for their shear size. Noah had plenty of room for all the animals, insects, reptiles, birds and living creatures which God led to the ark in pairs. The dinosaurs didn't have a ticket to ride.
“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” —Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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